The Matrix yoyo trick instructions

This video will teach you how to do The Matrix yo-yo trick.

Do you have tips on learning this yoyo trick faster? Leave a comment and help others.

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  1. How do you get it to sleep that long? If I tried it, my yo-yo wold stop sleeping right when I do the double or nothing. I can’t eve do 1 barrel roll before my yo-yo stops sleeping. I’ve counted using a stopwatch, I can only sleep my yo-yo for 36 seconds.

  2. i can only get my yoyo to sleep for 11 seconds because if i throw down very hard it lust comes back up and siaps my hand can you give me some advise

  3. how long a yoyo sleeps depends on how long you have been yoyoing and the king of yoyo your using. When i got my first yoyo it was a yyj speedmaker, it slept for about 12s, no i can make it sleep for about 45s. First you need strong wrists to help with sleeping the yoyo. The king of yoyo also effects the outcome, full metal sleep for 1:30s and up. Metal rims sleep for about 45s to about 1:20. And all plastic sleeps for about 10s-45s. I hope this helps

  4. Please help me i have a plastic Duncan butterfly Yoyo from Kmart that only sleeps for about 8 seconds can you tell me how to make it sleep faster.

  5. omfg ur slo-mo is like a normal speed and ur normal speed is like fast forward damn dude nice trick i cant even follow ur non throw hand half the video… nice work

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