Trapeze yoyo trick instructions

The Trapeze yoyo trick is a very important trick, because it leads to most of the other more complicated string tricks. Watch a video demonstration of the Trapeze. This yo-yo trick is also often called The Man on the Flying Trapeze.

Have tips on learning how to do the Trapeze? Leave a comment, so that other people can use your advice and learn the trick too.

9 thoughts on “Trapeze yoyo trick instructions”

  1. i’m juz like 11 years old..i did juz using an ordinary yoyo..i did’nt even use a batterfly yoyo..the yoyo go into the string is like my luck..i cnt do it wen ever i wnt,,,im practicing it til’ now..

  2. one day I can get this trick, the next day I can’t :((((((((((((((((((

  3. 78, a pyro is about as good as you can get without using a big yo 2, which feels akward.

  4. im using a buzz-on nemesis and there is a 110% i will land it. the trick is to keep the finger the string goes around close to the yo yo, then after you get it on you move it away so the yo yo does not hit your finger. and after you master that you are on your way. =)

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