How to make a yoyo sleep

The Sleeper is the most important yoyo trick to learn, because almost every yoyo trick is based on making your yoyo sleep. Watch this video demonstration of throwing a sleeper. You can get yoyos online at if you don’t have a good one.

Do you have tips on how to throw a sleeper with your yoyo? What about how to wake up your yoyo when it is sleeping? Leave your comments so that other beginners can learn to yoyo too.

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  1. I can do lots of yo-yo tricks, but not the hard ones, because I can get my yo-yo to sleep for only 30 seconds. Can anyone tell me how to sleep my yo-yo longer? I am currently perfecting my barrel rolls. I can do about 1 roll before my yo-yo stops sleeping

  2. My yoyo is a butterfly dunken in blue i just got it and leaned alot of tricks but when i try to have it sleep it onley does for about 15 sec.

  3. i got my new yoyo today.ive een trying adn trying to do this sleeper…. i can do the gravity pull.,i can do the power throw. but no mater ow much i try for the sleeper i get he power through, any help?

  4. I just got my duncan yoyo and it is red and i could get it t sleep a couple of times but now every time i try sleep it, it just flies up!

  5. I am looking at buying a henry coral snake do u know how well they sleep and if u have can u tell me what u think of the yoyo

  6. i can’t make it sleep. is a fx7 black ww a good yoyo for begirs and can they sleep well??

  7. None of you get how this works, do you? Alright, to make a yo-yo sleep longer, you first need a trans-axle yo-yo. Fixed axles- butterflies, Imperials, etc. will not sleep long at all. As for the sleepers, the more centered your string is, the longer you will get it to sleep, as if the yo-yo is brushing against the sides, the sleeper time will suffer significantly. That is why Barrel Rolls is not working, there is tons of string in the axle, and therefore, the string is brushing against the sides of your yo-yo, and you are not getting enough sleep time. So you either need to- get another axle. Then place the axles side by side in your yo-yo, and there will be a crack where the two axles come together. Then make sure the string is in that crack, and you will get nice, balanced sleepers, and will allow you to do barrel rolls, etc. However, this way will likely make your yo-yo less responsive, which may be a problem because you seem to be only a high beginner. This technique will require you to know how to bind, almost certainly. The second way to solve your problem is to purchase a concave bearing. This is what it would look like sideways: )(. It has grooves where your yo-yo string goes to make it stay in the middle, and will help you, at least. This way will not make your yo-yo less responsive. You simply replace the concave bearing with your old one. Hope I helped you.

  8. for everyone who cant sleep make sure that when you try to wind up really fast it slips it really helped me caus that was the problem


  10. First, obtain a yoyo.
    Second, put the slip knot on your middle finger.
    Third, put the yoyo in your hand palm up.
    Fourth, make sure the string is coming off the top of the yoyo
    and not from under it.
    Fifth, bend your elbow and flick down quickly without turning your hand.
    Sixth, depending on your yoyo’s response you will want to pull it up or
    bind the yoyo.
    You’ve done the sleeper.
    Watch the video if you don’t understand a step.

  11. I have a NED butterfly yo yo and the only way i can do a sleeper is by loosening it by turning it counter- clockwise but it doesnt last to long and somtimes the yo yo comes apart completely and another thing is that when i do a sleeper when i try to bring it back up but it come it just stays down please help

  12. i hav a duncan pro yoyo but it comes right back up and the string wobbles from side to side

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