Double or Nothing yoyo trick instructions

Learn the Double or Nothing yoyo trick with this instructional video.

Have tips on doing the Double or Nothing? Leave a comment and you can help teach others what you know.

9 thoughts on “Double or Nothing yoyo trick instructions”

  1. please please please can you talk on
    the videos to give instructions and do
    the tricks slower
    thank you

  2. thats sick!! can it work with a duncan butterfly? 🙂 it looks very simple,but i think it wont work with a butterfly :\

  3. uh, no, thats a 401k. theres a big differance. an aprox. $72 difference

  4. But you can still do double or nothing with a double or nothing. I just tried it. I could even do Triple or Nothing.

  5. been trying to do double or nothing since i became interested in yoyoing again. been working on it for about a week. how can you get it to land on the string regularly?

  6. it worked well with my stealth raider but i just can’t make it return like in the video but i get it now

  7. thats pretty nice, mine are a lot smoother on the loops around the hand. =\ but i cant submit videos…..but as far as landing on hte string volbia you just make sure hte loops land farther away from each other so you have landing room. =) and dont give up.

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