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Photo thanks to Hoosier Rudy.

The Zombie is good for the price, but isn’t too good. I guess that is why yoyoplay does not carry it. It is a all right sleeper and ok for loops. But it’s not so good for string tricks, and it isn’t very responsive. One very bad thing is that after about 2 weeks of play my axle broke, like some other people I know who had one. The aluminum is not polished or protected, so it scratches easily and the letters come off after 2 days!!! I’m an intermediate yo-yoer and I do not recommend it unless you are looking for a yo-yo like this for $20.
Submitted by James

I just got my Zombie yo-yo and it sleeps pretty good for me (1 minute 31 seconds). It is excellent for string tricks and is made out of machined CNC aluminum and has a design like the SB1 (Silver Bullet 1). My favorite part about it is the high performance Ball Bearing. Even though it does not a flared gap design, it is good for Man on the Flying Trapeze. Cold Fusion, Stop & Go, Brain Twister, Split the Atom, or Rock the Baby in the Itsy Bitsy Cradle, No Problem!
Submitted by Zack

The Zombie becomes a pretty nice Yo Yo, especially for the price if you do one thing. Trash the generic bearing and replace it with a good one (read Yomega ABEC-3). This mod only set me back $5.00. Mine is balanced, sleeps plenty long enough and does string tricks. IMHO, this Yo Yo at this price is a “sleeper”. (pardon the pun.)
Submitted by Ron B

The Zombie is worth your money. It is a aluminum yoyo and is pretty heavy. I can get mine to sleep for a good minute and 30 seconds. It is fairly well for loops. It is ok on the string to. Just about the only bad thing is the lettering is only on one side and it comes of really easy. My lettering come off after about 30 minutes.
Submitted by Larry C

The Zombie I picked up for $14.99 has inspired me to write this review. What a deal! Put it next to a AXL and it sure does look and feel the same. Sure it’s made in China and the bearing is poop, but it sleeps nice and with a few minutes at the bench, you can replace that bearing to make it really nice. One other note: if you are buying it for the graphics/lettering, you better either cover it or don’t use it because the lettering will fall off in the first 10 minutes. After changing bearings, anything I could do with my AXL Golden Eye, I can do with this. Oh yea, the Zombie didn’t come with the little kit and the Gold that the Golden Eye did, but for 65 smackers less, I can now take it anyplace without worry.
Submitted by Cameren L

I can’t believe how bad these reviews are for some. Maybe it’s just the source (yoyoplay.com) or something. i have a yomega raider and wow. the zombie is MUCH MUCH better. i got mine from www.yoyostore.com and right out of the box it works well! it sleeps about 2 times as long as the raider i have. i am an intermediate player and i got it 2 sleep 4 1 min. 37 seconds. my best trick is probobly the braintwister and that is somewhat easy for advanced players.i suck at sleeping with the raider about 39 secs. i haven’t replaced the bearing yet but……. on the bad side….. sometimes (not often) it dosn’t respond.It loses its paint for the letters VERY VERY VERY easily but i would pay $30 for this. seriusly, i would.
Submitted by K-Dawg 07/29/02

On first inspection of the Zombie…on the inside rim…it is marked, to let you know this yo-yo was made in China, which to me, explains the $15.00 price. Upon further inspection of the inside, I noticed that both “halves” have a “reversed” taper which appeared somewhat like the shape of an “hour glass”. Very narrow next to the bearing, with a somewhat wider gap, (as it should be) at the upper rim of the yo-yo. I tried removing the bearing, and it just wouldn’t come off by hitting the yoyo in the palm of my hand. I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem, but if so, I’ll tell you what I did to get the bearing off. I took a piece of “unwaxed” Dental Floss, and I used a Mechanical pencil that uses the .005 lead. I placed the side with the bearing, flat on the table, then I made a half loop at the back side of the bearing…I then used the lead of the pencil, by moving it back and forth, to try and force the dental floss “down”, behind the bearing. (The lead is soft enough and won’t scratch or mark the yoyo.) Once the “floss” drops down behind the bearing, all you have to do is pull both ends of the floss up, and the bearing comes with it. At first I though the bearing looked like a Yomega RB2, so I tried one to see if it would fit…but it didn’t. The bearing on the Zombie is a “tight” fit. I read that some user’s of the Zombie were having trouble with the “printing” coming off on the one’s they had. It’s too late for them, if the printing is off, but if you have a Zombie, and your printing is in good condition, you can do this. Go to a stationary store and for about 50c, buy a sheet of laminating material. ( 5 mil. should do.) You will have to do a little work to get this to fit. You will need a compass to draw a 1 + 13/16 inch circle for the outside circle and then a 7/16″ circle, for the center hole. Mark these out on your laminating sheet, cut them both out ( I use an Xacto knife with a No.11 blade) but scissors might work as well. Then peel the back off and place the transparent “sticky” piece, with the center hole cut out…over the center “bullet” on the yoyo. You might have to work a little, but once it is over the “bullet” then smooth the sides out toward the edges. This should prevent the “logo” and writing from coming off. ( I have done this on “both” sides of mine.) Now back to the yoyo! I do like the feel and the weight of the Zombie. This could really be a “great” yoyo…but I feel with the “reversed taper” on the inside of the rims…this is preventing the Zombie from being a smooth working piece of machined Aluminum. I can feel my string “stuttering” every time, when I am working front flips, and I’m sure it is “binding up” on the inside of the yoyo because of this taper. I don’t know what else it could be. I like the way it handles and lands on the string, but when it comes to “loops”, with the Zombie, I just haven’t had much success in achieving very many at all. ( if any ). The sleep time is okay, but getting it to return is quite a chore. That’s because there is “nothing” on the inside of the halves, except the “taper”, to help it back up. I cut a “performance ring” out of a thin piece of masking tape and put it on the inside of one of the rims. It worked great in getting it to return, in fact it even helped a little on the loop’s, but then it “stuttered” more on the string…so I took it back off. I’m not sorry I bought it, in fact I may buy another one and try and take that “taper” out of the middle, and put on a set of performance rings… but to do it right, it probably should be “milled” out…and I am not equipped to do it, so unless I can find a “friend” that is willing to “mill it”…at no cost…I’ll have to live with it the way it is. For the money…it’s really not all that bad, I have spent more, and have gotten “worse”, but I like it okay…but then again, for a few bucks more, and you will “never” be sorry you did this…buy a “Custom” Reactor, or Chain Reactor! You might thank me for “this”… recommendation!
Submitted by Hoosier Rudy

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  1. this is a great yoyo. it is a good deal at 16 dollars. it has a couple problems that can easily be fixed. when you take the yoyo out of the box open the yoyo take out the bearing and replace it with a diffrent bearing trust me it is worth the extra 5 dollars. my sleep times went from about a minute to almost 2 minutes thirty seconds. this yoyo on the inside says in small black letters “made in china” this explains the cheap alimunum that scratches very easy. but if you are careful it should be a great yoyo

  2. I just got my Zombie, and I love it, Its very similar to my Custom Chain Reactor, just a little bigger, more like an AXL. All this needs is a new bearing like mentioned in a previous review, some Shooters Choice FP10 lubricant and a couple of Custom yoyo, friction stickers and this will work just as well as an AXL, for sure. This was a great deal and I thinking of ordering a couple of more and modifying them. I’d like to take one and skeletonize it and see how it works.

  3. This is an awesom and affordable Yoyo, I do agree replace te bearing…and Yes it is a chore to get it to return, no bevled edges and large gap. That however is easily fixed…the cheap way is to cut a circle of masking tape and mount it around the axel andd bearing, or you could buy a friction pad. The painted lettering on mine has not worn off and I have had it over a year, maby I am just careful. I would strongly reccomend this yoyo, and I want another one

  4. Got it 5-6 years ago.
    Damn fun yo-yo.
    Spin hard and long lasting.
    But please PLEASE watch your knees, shoulders, face, head, balls, feets, hands, fingers EVERYTHING far from this yo-yo…:)
    It’s very heavy. He can knock you out in second. No joke…:)
    Have fun…:)

  5. I just bought two of these yo yos and absolutely love them! The aluminum does not scratch easily and I have found no problem with the bearings or how they return. This yo yo is a premium value, a far better deal than the Duncan Metal Zero that I just pruchased. I bought the Duncan because it was made in Ohio. I highly recommend the Zombie!!

  6. i have just bought the phantom yo-yo a copy of the zombie by a company called poweryo, am only a beginner but am having trouble winding the string so that it will catch the tension and spring back it gets to the bottom of the string spins great but does not return at all, i have wound the string over my finger then around the yo-yo several times before winding in the loop , any ideas what im doing wrong

  7. i love this yoyo it is far better than the yomega maverick . my spin time is 5 min with the stock bearing all you need to do to make the spin time better is put liter floid on the bearing it cleans it out so it wont studder

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