YoYo Play Triple Play yo-yo

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I’ll make this short and to the point. I picked this up at a Canadian drug store for 9 bucks. It comes shaped in flared gap configuration, with some kind of brass axle. It sleeps ok, but not great. It is see through, with metal speed rings of some kind, so it looks cool…but…as far as I can tell, it isn’t triple play, but single play. This yo yo is a blatant rip-off of the wooden Tom Kuhn classic, with the subtle difference being that Mr Kuhn’s yo yo can actually be reconfigured into 2 other shapes. I could not get the metal hex pegs to slide into the other side of the yo yo halves. I tried lubing the hex nuts, I tried banging them, I tried bribing them- they would not go in. The way I look at it, this yo yo should have cost me 3 bucks, and not 9 bucks, as I only got one third of the value.
Submitted by Yo Yoda

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