Yoyojam WickedFaktor yoyo

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Photo thanks to Hoosier Rudy.

The Wicked Faktor utilizes a ball bearing axle, along with the standard YYJam adjustable gap system and CNC machined Aluminum outer rings, which are molded directly into the body. Unfortunately, the molding process used, or perhaps their Quality Control of the production process, has a lot to be desired. By the appearance of the Aluminum rings…it appeared as though I had received a “well used” table Demo, instead of a New Product. Both sides of the rings were severely scratched, along with “deeply etched tooling grooves”…around both rings. (I foolishly spent 3 hrs. of hand polishing to try and rectify this problem.) The Wicked Faktor weighed in at 62.5 grams (Cappy edition 63.5 g) I.M.H.O., I could not see any difference whatsoever, other than a color change and different side caps, between the Cappy edition and this Matt Rose edition. The playability and the performance of both, IMO, was equally shared. The Cappy model will never be completely replaced, as long as the Wicked Faktor is alive, well, and available. If you don’t have a “cappy” model…this one would make a great substitute…and… I do believe it is less costly, as well.
Submitted by Hoosier Rudy 12/16/01