Yoyojam Super Spinfaktor yoyo

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Photo thanks to Yoyoplay.com.

I’ve long visited this site and not seen a review for a SSF, and I bought one anyway. Two words: DAMN SWEET. The four pits on the sides for the response system look pretty ridiculous at first (same principle as the Mayo), but after playing with it for a while it suddenly becomes the best idea ever. I have a SB2.2, a CFGT, a TBB, TBBGT, FH, and let me tell you that this is the best response system out of all of them. The brass rings are nice and smooth with their rounded edges. I took the side caps off of mine and like it way better. I’ve gotten sleeps of around 4 minutes with it all the way open. Other sites have said the SpinFaktor line is bad for looping, but I disagree, as long as the yo is all the way tightened. All in all
this is the best yo I’ve ever used, and for ~$30, its well worth every cent. Yoyojam just came out with its MSF2 and I hope to get one soon.

Submitted by Ben W 12/31/02