Yoyojam Spinjammer yo-yo

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A good though not great yoyo. It’s got an adjustable gap and comes in a variety of colors. It’s responsive and an ok all around design. It’s very light and as a result not the longest sleeper. The plastic is the same type Spintastics use so these should be difficult to break.
Submitted by JordanL

I Like this yoyo. It is very similar to the DragonJam in performance. This yoyo is very smooth on the string and sleeps for a long time for such a light yoyo. This yoyo is a little harder to catch on the string than the DragonJam but all it really takes is a little practice. I would recommend this yoyo to anyone who is the market for a yoyo. You can get this yo at Yoyoplay.com for under 10 bucks, at that price it is one of the best price to performance ratios on the market.
Submitted by Hobbymstr

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