Yoyojam SpinMaster yo-yo

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Photo thanks to Hoosier Rudy.

Out of all the yo-yos in YoYoJam’s bi-material flared gap line, this is the only one I really like. It’s heavy, for sure, but this only adds to the sleep time…which is very, very long. The response on the SpinMaster can be a little inconsistent at times, though. It almost never snags on string tricks, and rocks hardcore for Laceration-style stuff. The red, white, and blue color scheme is very spiffy. Downsides…overpriced. I mean, seriously, you could buy 2 or 3 Renegades for the price of one SpinMaster. And, like all YYJs, the string gap starts slipping after 1-3 months of play. If not for these two factors, I would heartily recommend one. As it is, I cannot. Unless you’re a big YYJ fan, I would recommend a Gade or Freehand.
Submitted by SpinWizard 8/3/01

Upon first “seeing” the Spin Master…it left an impression in my mind that it probably would weigh in somewhere between the SSF’s (61 grams) and the Gades (63.6 grams). However when I picked it up, I was astonished as to how “heavy” it felt; so the first thing I did was to put it on the scale for a “weigh-in”. Much to my surprise, but not to my delight, it weighed in at a “hefty” 71.6 grams. So weight wise, it is up there with the yy-jam MEGA SpinFaktor’s. The brass weight rings, instead of being overlapped on the edges of the yoyo, as the SSF and MSF are, have been moved approximately 2 or 3 mm. in, from the edges. (which does add to it’s appearance) When I first began using the SM…I wasn’t quite sure, and had some doubts, as to wether I was going to be pleased with it’s performance or not. It has taken me quite a bit, in getting used to, but with a steady diet of using “nothing BUT”, the SpinMaster, I have found it to be an extremely “excellent” performing yoyo. It is amazingly smooth on the string, and the spin times excel as well. Back spin, however, occasionally gets a little rough…but I feel with some minor adjusting (on my part) that problem will become resolved. IMO, I feel it’s priced somewhat a tad bit too high. ($42 ) but hopefully,with time, as with several other higher priced yo’s, if you wait long enough…the price may eventually become more feasible. I am not going to recommend buying one, nor am I going to “discourage” anyone from NOT buying one. If you should have the opportunity to try one of these, by all means please do so. It is a well made, attractive, great playing yo-yo. But like all of them…it has it’s up’s…and down’s. ( I can’t believe I said that) However…it’s another great addition…worthy of the Yo-Yo Jam name.
Submitted by Hoosier Rudy 6/16/01