Yoyojam Spinfaktor 2 yo-yo

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Photo thanks to Hoosier Rudy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve offered any of my opinions…but now, since the “NEW” YYJ SpinFaktor 2…has hit the market…my congratulations again, must go out to the fine people working and designing the products, which have been coming out of YYJam. Above all the YYJ innovations, and yo-yo’s…this Newest and Latest Creation of the SpinFaktor 2…by far…has just become MY all-time Favorite of ALL, the YYJ offerings. When I first held it in my hand, the yo-yo had me fooled into believing it was much heavier than it actually was. I then placed it on the scale to find out exactly what it did weigh. Much to my liking…the YoYo weighed in at a very comfortable…60grams. The SF-2 measures 2 1/4″, in diameter, and approximately 1 3/8″ in width. I especially liked the way the Aluminum rings have been attached to the plastic halves. No sharp edges to worry about at all. On this particular yo-yo, which I have…the side caps fit so securely, and so evenly inside the Aluminum Rings, that when I rub my thumb over the rings and the side caps…I am unable to feel a raised impression, or a depression of any kind…which to me, means, they are that perfectly attached. The playability of the SF-2 is just superb! I’m completely satisfied with the performance in all aspects! For me…I’m really pleased, I purchased it…BUT…Just because I like the SF-2…doesn’t mean you’re going to like it! If you should ever have the opportunity to try one of these…please do so! (Lars would certainly appreciate receiving your review and what YOU think about it, as well.)
Submitted by Hoosier Rudy 06/03/02

This is one awesome yoyo. I bought mine about a month ago from theentireuniverse.com. And when I say awesome I mean awesome. It feels good in your hand, sleeps for a long time, never snags, and can take lots, of strings in the gap. One of the only problems i’ve had is the side caps popping off but heck no big deal. I dont care who your are get one man if you dont your weird.
Submitted by Jonathan W 12/31/02

Ok first thing is this yoyo feels really good when you first pick it up. I threw it down and found some pretty good response. Then i tried for some sleep times on an average throw. Now that it’s broken in, easily 50 sec+. I really like this yoyo. IT feels nice plays nice looks cool to. But my favorite thing is the awesome string play man it is smooth. And the balance is perfect. I would definitely recommend this yoyo. Btw the caps do tend to fall off, but that’s not a prob, u pop them back on. Or you could play without caps if u like that style. So i give a sleeping 9/10 , Looping 1/10, Stringplay 9/10. I really love this yo. :-]
Submitted by Abdullah masouds 01/08/03