Yoyojam Shock Wave yoyo

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Yo-yo Jam Shock Wave Cody Taylor Signature Series
Photo thanks to Hoosier Rudy.

Another Hot, New, Flared gap-styled yoyo, has been added to YoYo Jam’s “Signature Series”. This one is the “Cody Taylor” model. It consists of the universal YYJ Adjustable Gap System, and their standard Ball Bearing axle. (which is used in most all SpinFaktor models) It features recessed, polished “aluminum” weight rings, which are molded directly into the body. Since YYJ has chosen to use aluminum, instead of brass, for the weight rings…there should never be any discoloration problem. (which occurs with time, when using their SpinFaktor models). Weight wise, it tips the scale at a very pleasing 61.5 grams. In the hand…the “body style” and weight of this particular design has an excellent and very appealing feel to it. The SW functions flawlessly…and performs to perfection. The only problem I had (which I’ve already solved)…was with the “side caps” coming off during use. Cost wise at $40.00, IMO…I feel it’s overpriced. There are several great performing yoyo’s on the market now, for under $20. But if you should choose to purchase the Shock Wave…hopefully you will not be disappointed about your choice…nor the SW performance.
Submitted by Hoosier Rudy 9/14/01