Yoyojam Phat Boy yo-yo

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Phat boy (PB)is the second version of MSF. It uses the same size of bearing that Patriot (P) and black Nova(BN) use. However, instead of using metal bearing, it uses ceramic bearing which, therectically, can provide longer spin time. The sleep time, for me, is just a little bit better than BN. ( I will say about 1.25 times of BN, just my opinion) The hissing sound it made is so noisy so i have to put a drop of 3-in-one oil to the bearing in order to reduce the noise. There is no oil in the new yoyo coming out from the box, so there is no need to wash the new PB with the lighter oil at the first time. That’s why the new and fresh PB won’t return unless you use the mounting trick like the Trapeze.

The response system is not like the MSF, it uses the same one in Patriot or BN which has starburst as well as four recessed holes. After adding another drop of brain lube. It can return with ease like the P or BN…somebody will disagree with me since they don’t use any oil. As all the yoyojam made yoyo(especially after the lighter fluid washed), the response system is not that great for the beginner. But if you can do the roller coaster, kwijibo, triple or nothing, I think this yo is for you.

The diameter of PB is the same as BN (about 56mm), but the width is about 42mm (BN has only 32mm, P has 42mm…note: it is only an approximate values since everyone will set his/her yo’s width) The metal o-ring is not like the BN. The metal ring of PB is larger than BN and with a groove between the rim and the pog. The pogs are not like BN which are poping out; instead, they are poping towards the center.

Its weight is 73g which is even heavier than BN. However, since it’s wider than the BN, so pschologically, it made my hand feel much lighter. Due to its width and its weight, it sleeps very well and can handle a lot of layers of strings.

The smoothness(I have to clarfify the definition of smoothness first. In some yo web site, it means the yo will sleep without any wobbling, that is without any vibration) of the PB is perfect, it’s by far the best yo that I have seen . The closest one is the Night Moves (NM).

The appearance, which I think, is just so so. I like the BN much.

The price, as you all know, is very expensive, so this yoyo is actually not for practicing. I use the freehand to practice since it’s cheaper and with better overall performance.

If you buy the limited edition, your PB will be signed and number at the inside of the pog (one of the pog). It makes it like a charm to the yoyo-collector.

Also if you washed your PB with lighter fluid, your PB maybe wobble very much. But don’t worry, you can add a drop of Brain Lube, the PB will back to normal. BTW, it’s really hard to put out this bearing although I can easily take out other YYJ’s bearing like SF2, P and BN. I don’t know if others has the same experience.

Overall speaking, the PB is good at string stricks, it can handle string like NM, sleeping and smoothness like (or better than)the NM, BN and P, the smoothness is the best. This yo is absoultely not for the beginner due to its unique response system and its high (really high) price. For me, I don’t recommend this yoyo unless you are a really advanced players. If so, I think this yo will be your best partner….

Submitted by Little Dragon’s Cousin from Hong Kong 08/02/02

I am a decent yyj fan but I did not like the Patriot very much. It was too light and it was not very consistent with response. I had a lot of cash so I ordered a Phat Boy. It arrived in the mail purple and pretty. Actually it isn’t that great looking but I still like the 2-tone caps and it looks ok. It is pretty heavy which I don’t mind to much except it snaps strings quick. I love the ceramic bearing and the weight rings. I have slept this thing 45 seconds BUT that was with a drop test (invented I think by Dale Oliver). With a real through I slept this thing for over 3 minutes and I haven’t measured it since. I don’t like to measure sleep times because I think they are pretty pointless because with this yoyo I can do everything I know. It can handle things like rancid milk, superman, and whut, kamakazee, suicides, lacerations, slack… I have one complaint about this yoyo and that is response but once you slap on some 3 in 1 you are set. I would compare this to a fh 2 and say that I would use it about as much. I can’t really say, I like the FH 1 a little better than the FH 2 but that’s just me. I don’t know if I would take it over the FH 1 or 2 because of it’s price. Try one, you might like it and if you don’t you will probably be able to trade or sell or trade it someday because it is LE..

Submitted by Freehandman 08/29/02