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What an incredible yoyo. When I first ordered this yoyo I was sure that I would like it. YoYojam was very new and I had not heard anything about them. So I decided to take a chance and purchase the yoyo. The first one I bought was the DragonFly (It has since changed names to the DragonJam). When I got my DragonFly the first thing that I noticed was that the plastic seemed really rough on the edges and that the pogs seemed to be wavy instead of flat, then I started to play with the yoyo and all thoughts of any problems vanished. This was great, very smooth on the string and very responsive. The DragonFly was easy to catch on the string for tricks, and it would never snag the string. Even though the yoyo is light you can easily get long enough spins out of the yoyo to do even some very advanced tricks. The gap on the yoyo is adjustable but I found that the Gap that it came with was great, the only thing that I changed was the string to a Spintastics Slick 6 (I do that on every yoyo that I get, even my Turbo Bumble Bee). Of the yoyo’s that I use all of the time it is either the DragonFly or my AXL Elite, and I like the DragonFly because I’m not as worried about damaging the yoyo and it performs as well as my Elite for any tricks that I do. For the price this has got to be one of the best performers around and I would definitely recommend this yoyo.!
Submitted by Hobbymstr

I liked this flared gap shape, it has good spin times and responds well. It handles backspin ok. This yoyo is on the light side, so it’s not a super long spinner, but easily spins long enough for most standard tricks. It features an adjustable gap.
Submitted by JordanL

Everyone should own one of these. It’s inexpensive ($10-$13 in general), it’s lightweight, it’s cool looking, and it’s a great yo-yo to have. This is probably the best lightweight yo-yo I’ve ever used for string tricks. It has a little trouble with backspin if the gap isn’t adjusted properly and it needs to be well lubed. If you do that then this is a sweet yo-yo. The DJam handles most string tricks very well and it sleeps plenty long for those complicated tricks. Though it’s not as smooth as a Spinfaktor, it’s definitely worth picking up.
Submitted by Vegas

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