Pro Play 2000 yo-yo

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Photo thanks to Yoyo John.

The pro play 2000 glow in the dark yo-yo: I picked up this yo-yo from a shop in Spain. Now the money I used to pay for it was in pesetas so I don’t know exactly how much I actually did pay for it. Now when I got it I looked at it and thought well I cant see it being a good yo-yo but I didn’t actually try it till I got back to my apartment. Now the first thing I did was hold it in my hand. I must admit it felt pretty good in the hand unlike any yo-yo I’ve held before. Also it had quite a neat pattern on the face. Now I cut the string to my length then I threw it for the first time. It felt weird spinning as it didn’t spin for that long. But the more I played with it the more it spun. Now considering its just a fixed axle the sleep times became quite good. I was getting 15-20 seconds of spin which is good for a fixed axle. Now the string gap is very VERY thin on this yo-yo it is only a string width wide. So as you would of probably guessed it wasn’t very good on string tricks. Now this yo-yos shape is similar to the bc spitfires so this makes it a good looping yo-yo. Now I don’t know what this yo-yo is made from but it sure is hard stuff. I did a skin the cat and the loop went wrong and I whacked the back of my head and shoulder and it hurt like hell so watch out. Also this yo-yo glows in the dark. Now when you’re doing a night show it actually glows pretty well ( looks great for pinwheels ). But because its not very good on the string and doesn’t spin for very long you cant really put on a good night show. Now as I say I found this yo-yo in Spain but I’m sure it will be available some were in the USA. Any way if you see it get it. Happy spinning!
Submitted by Yoyo John 5/1/01