Moose Silver Bullet yo-yo

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Photo thanks to Yoyo John

Now the yo-yo I am reviewing is the moose silver bullet. Don’t get this one mixed up with the silver bullet from tom kuhn. Now the yo-yo has a silver chromed body with a bullet and the numbers 6000 on the face and the moose logo on the back and is classic shaped. It does play well in certain areas but bad in others. The good areas are that all people say classic yo-yos are good at looping and the moose silver bullet lives up to those words. 207 loops was the most I carried out with this yo-yo before it messed up. Also it has excellent response even with a loose string. Maybe that’s why it is so good at looping because if your right handed and you loop the string will get loose. So if you continue looping then the loose string wont effect the performance. But it is bad in some areas and that area is spinning. Now I knew when I bought it it wasn’t going to be a very long spinner because it is just a fixed axle. But I expected it to get at least 10 seconds….wrong. It only got 7 seconds of spin which is dead pointless. I don’t know why it is so awful in the spinning category it just is. Now because the string is more or less always tight then sometimes when you throw it really hard it will snap back to your hand with speed. Also don’t even try to attempt string tricks because it will snag and fly up and hurt you. I tried a brain twister and didn’t even manage to flip it before it snagged. Now the moose silver bullet was a big disappointment to me but I don’t just play yo-yos I collect them as well. And if you do that then you should get the moose because it is good to have in your collection. Happy spinning!
Submitted by Yoyo John 5/10/01