Fakies Skateboard Wheel yo-yo

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Photo thanks to Spinningtoys.com and Utahyoyo.

I saw this yo-yo in my local skateshop and I thought that it was so cool and I had to have one. I live in England and I got it for £7 which is probably about $14-$15. it sleeps well as it has a reasonably good bearing, but when you do string tricks, it snags and loses sleep very quickly. I have done split the atom on it but, only a few times because of the sleep loss. It sleeps for about a minute which is good,and i can do about 40 loops on it. Ithink that it is more for a collector than a player but it may suit an amateur.
Submitted by Paul 6/3/02

2 thoughts on “Fakies Skateboard Wheel yo-yo”

  1. this is the main trick i wanted to learn but this not being played by the website owners, as well as “roller coaster”

  2. Dude Just use a spacers. An that thing that screws it together? Use bolts instead. Throw in a CLEANED Koncave and you’re set.

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