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I picked up the “burger yo-yo” in a shop called Iceland. They were doing a deal were you could get a burger yo-yo free with a pack of burgers for 1 week only. So i rushed to get one as the offer ended soon. It is just a fixed axle yo-yo with nothing really special. It is a yo-yo which looks like a burger. Its shape is the same as a da bomb from team losi So it is a fairly decent looper. I think i did around 101 loops first go so it isn’t that bad. its spin times aren’t that long because it is only a fixed axle yo-yo and the plastic it’s made out of is very light. But it spun for about 10-15 seconds so its good enough to pull of a split the atom ( which i’ve done ). It is fairly smooth on string tricks as all fixed axles so you won’t ever get annoyed about it snagging. The response isn’t that good on it unless you play with quite a tight string or you will have a hell of a time trying to return it. Oh and its best playing with a slick 6 string because the gap is pretty narrow. Now as i said the offer was on for a week only so i did quite well getting it and I’m sure it will be a collectors item some day. You may find it on ebay were they auction a lot of yo-yos for pretty cheap (depending on what you bid for them). Anyhow it is a good novelty yo-yo to have in your collection if you do collect them. Anyway if you ever see it auctiond or anywhere then i think you should get it. Happy spinning!
Submitted by Yoyo John 5/10/01

Other Burger yoyo: Imagine this… a yoyo that scarcely resembles a burger sits in my drawer for several months, until today! As I wind it up, the string scrapes against the side of the cheap plastic. As more string feeds in, the gap widens to an amazing 7/16 of an inch, due to the coroded 2mm,in diameter, axl. I tighten the loop around my finger. I throw it down… INSTANTLY the bottom of the bun shoots off!!! I hate this yoyo! I don’t think this yoyo could ever be a collector’s item. I don’t know how anyone could do 10 loops with this thing! The ‘pattie’ is from the same mold as the ‘lettuce’! I belive it’s even worse then the $.01 yoyos you might see on ebay! If I were to sell this yoyo on ebay, I would… why don’t I throw it away, you ask? Well little Johnny, I have no idea!! I don’t even know how this seeped into my collection. Well, at least it has enough detail to have a sesseme seed bun. Would you like fries with that? No, I didn’t think so.
Submitted by Yoyoguy57 6/21/01

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