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  1. what yoyo will you recomand if i like to do tricks with string and sleep tricks ??? dragonfly or do you have some good butterfly yoyos

  2. hey, im about to buy the dark magic yoyo from but i need to know if yoyoplay is a lagit yoyo cite that doesnt hack you and give you somthing sucky. please tell me asap!

  3. Anyone know how long the x-convict sleeps?
    @brandon-u can trust yoyoplay. i got a few yoyos from there already.

  4. I’m trying to decide whether I should get a hitman or a darkmagic please help me decide and I need to know asap.

  5. The threads on the main axle screw for my Duncan MetalZero Freehander keep on getting messed up and won’t hold. Anyone know if this is a product defect or whether I am doing something wrong that is causing this to happen?

  6. I do not recommend purchasing from yoyoplay. Not knowledgeable about yoyos and functions. Bad customer service and unprofessional, plus the phone number listed on the website is to different business.

  7. I would like to purchase 2 Duncan Strong Boxes but I see that they are no longer produced. An person that has a Duncan Strong Box and would like to sell please contact me by email. I would like them to be in excellent condition. Thanks, Bob

  8. OMG! i just found out how important throw down speed really is. i got my FAST 201 to sleep for 2min 20! sadly my string broke on the next throw down… i also saw a vid of someone who got their mosquito to sleep for over 5min.

  9. When are you getting more counter attacks?And how much is shipping for post code 91384?

  10. Any recommendations for my first yoyo with hub stacks?

    @ocean-castaic? wow. yoyoing has really made a comeback around here.

  11. hey i was goin thru my yoyos and i remeberd my grandpa giving me 1 and i found it today and its a yomega fire ball, but the unusual thing is on the other side it says (are U an 7up UN?) and by 7up it showa the drink logo, and i researched everywher on the web, ebay, amizon, yomega, every wher and no trace do i have somting hear speacial?p.s. if u find a link or awnser my email is

  12. Chris, it all depends on your level of play, and what style. For example the Duncan Bumble Bee is meant for looping tricks, but could probably take you through the beginner 1a tricks like Rock the Baby and Pop the clutch. So if your just starting out the Bumble could help you decide what style you’ll use. The Raider is meant for 1a, but it has a modified shape, so it may make it harder to land it on a string. A Saber Raider would be better. I know nothing of Spintastics, so I can’t help you anymore.

  13. how much is it 4 shipping cuz my computer dose not play sound so i cant watch the shipping video

  14. i bought a grind mashine 2 days ago and it was un responsive and now it is and some how the axle got loose and came out so i can no linger line up the aros>:0! i just love how yoyo dosent have a phone number! bont buy this yoyo biges wast of 30 dollers!

  15. Hi,

    Bob again and still looking to purchase 2 Duncan Strong-boxes for my Yo Yo collection. They should be clean and in good condition. You can contact me by email at ( I will buy 1, 2 or 3 Duncan Strong-Box(es) for my collection. Cheers, Bob

  16. I need help with magic drop. The string always slides off my thumb instead of the yoyo sliding out of the string. Any tips?

  17. how long would it take for me to get a saber raider yoyo if i ordered it us priorety i ordered it in the morning yesterday so when would it get here?

  18. nobody ever buy the yomega dash its bearing has a life of 3 hours and it has a rubber pad sestem wich makes it always responsive and it never sleaps properly. it sucks never buy it

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    Want to cooperate with you.
    Many thanks.

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