Top Yo-Yo Links

Here are some of the coolest sites we’ve found about yoyos.

Yoyoplay Yoyos
Buy your yoyos here!

Ken’s World on a String
Probably the best yoing site there is. You’ll find a comprehensive guide to yoyo tricks, with text descriptions and even videos. This is an awesome site.
Great site devoted to the classic wooden yoyo. If you can’t do a trick with a wooden yoyo, you can’t really do it!

Yo-Yo Lady
World on a String was one of the first yo-yo books I ever purchased. It was really hard to get about 10 years ago, because it was out of print. Now you can buy it directly from Helane Zeiger, the Yo-Yo Lady, at her web site. Looks like you can also hire her for yoyo demonstrations too!

Illustrated ProYo Trick Bible
A site promoting the book. You can learn how to order the book at the site, or check out the free sample tricks.

Manufacturer Yo-Yo Links:


Great yoyos and even better prices!

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