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Yo-Yo Tricks and Tips!

Check out our selection of yoyo tricks and yoyo trick videos, or see the links at the bottom of the page to other yoyo trick sites.

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If you are looking for Yoyo Trick DVDs, yoyo trick videos and yoyo trick books, try those links, or click on the photos.

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Yomania YoYo Tricks and Tips:

As the World Turns

Barrel Rolls

Behind the Back Trapeze

Brain Smasher 213K (Quicktime video only)

Brain Twister


Budaz Revenge 230K (Quicktime video only)

The Creeper

Cold Fusion

Double or Nothing Combo Move 271K (Quicktime video only)


Eiffel Tower

Eli Hop

Flying Saucer

Forward / Reverse Braintwister

Gemini Loops

Hopalong Cassidy 274K (Quicktime video only)

Hydrogen Bomb 218K (Quicktime video only)

Machine Gun

Magical String

One-handed Texas Star

One Notch Hurdle Jump

Orbit the Trapeze


Nuclear Fission

Neutron Smasher

Reach for the Moon video demonstration

Reactor's Core

Reverse Time Warp

Rock the Baby in the Double or Nothing

Rock the Cradle in the Trapeze 345K (Quicktime video only)

Rock the Cradle in the Eiffel Tower 295K (Quicktime video only)

Rock the Cradle Krazy Stile

Rolly Polly

The Slippery eel

Spatial Fissures

Splitting the Atom

Stop and Go

Texas Cowboy

Three Leafed Clover

Through the Tunnel Trapeze


Trapeze to Double or Nothing

Trapeze Wizard

Triple Fusion

Triple or Nothing

Twist the Atom

Ultra Beam

Uranium Bomb

Velvet Rolls

Vertical Loops

Walk the Dog

Warp Drive

YoYo Mounts:

One and a half Mount 159K (Quicktime video only)

Pinwheel Side Mount 139K (Quicktime video only)

Pump Mount 139K (Quicktime video only)

Under Mount 118K (Quicktime video only)

Wraparound Split Bottom Mount 123K (Quicktime video only)

YoYo Tricks on other sites:

Shawn Fumo's yo-yo tricks:
Inside Loops
Hop the Fence
Two Handed Inside Loops
Reach for the Moon (Shoot the Moon)
Punching Bag

Ken's World on a String yoyo trick guide.

Sector Y super advanced yoyo tricks with videos.


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